Pleasure SkatingPleasure Skating

Saturday Pleasure Skating will commence October 5, 2019 to March 14, 2020, from 6-8 PM, in the Ted Reeve Bubble. All Skaters must wear a CSA approved helmet, with a chin strap.

On October 5, Pleasure skating will be from 4 PM – 8 PM.

Closed December 28, 2019







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Ted Reeve House League Information

Visit their website for registration

Groups Looking for Players to Join Them

Skate Sister Women’s Skills Classes -Skate Sister Women’s Beginner/Intermediate Skills – Winter Session – Thursday 10:00 to 11:00 AM

Get an amazing workout, have fun and up your game this winter with Skate Sister!  More details and registration at

Anyone looking to join us on Tuesday and Thursday (8-9 AM) for a friendly game with a bunch of  reporter’s and others, contact me at;

Anyone looking to join us on Wednesday and Friday (7-8 AM) for Adult pick-up game, contact;


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175 Main Street, Toronto Ontario M4E 2W2

North east corner, Main Street & Gerrard Avenue | 1 Block south of the Main Subway station

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