Facility Information

About the Arena

Ted Reeve Community Arena (TRCA) is a City of Toronto arena, operated by a volunteer Board of Management. Ice bookings are done directly with the TRCA staff.

We offer ice times between 6 AM – 1 AM, seven days a week, from August to April and dry floor activities from May to July.

Our concession stand is enclosed; climate controlled and offers barbecued foods, real Barista coffees, healthy smoothies, great fries and refreshments.

Summer Season

Our Summer is short but begins in May and finishes at the end of July.

The smooth concrete floor is available for lacrosse, ball hockey, roller hockey and any other activity that needs a wide open area.

The arena is available for flea markets, concerts, sport shows and more.


In the very late 1940’s, a group of East End Toronto residents felt an indoor hockey arena was needed and set out to raise half of the money required, with the City of Toronto contributing the other half. Door to door fundraising took place and Ted Reeve, a Toronto Telegram sports writer, and a professional level athlete, wrote some articles to assist the effort to build the rink.

The doors opened October 1954. An arena built by the community, for the community and that is how it is still operated today, as Ted Reeve Community Arena.

State of Good Repair-Arena closed for renovation April 2023.

What is an SGR? Ted Reeve underwent an SGR in 1997, and the most notable difference was the evolution of the wooden boards turning into plastic and the plexiglass becoming just glass.

So, the State of Good Repair for 2023 will have you “seeing” even less, new plastic boards replacing old plastic boards. Glass for glass.

What you won’t see, is the internal changes to much of the mechanical machinery that is utilized in providing what we do, ice to skate on.

Totally new equipment in the compressor room, which means better ice quality for both ice pads.

New concrete floor in each pad. You can’t really see the floor, but the ice will like the new concrete, which will last another 25 years of uninterrupted service.

Heating units get replaced along with dehumidifiers, all items that won’t look any different, but aid in comfort and ice quality.

Our Zamboni Room will be expanded to see a snow melting pit, which means less trips outside, which makes for a safer pedestrian environment.

The Bubble is getting recovered, so again, looking pretty much unchanged but back to longevity.

We are also pushing to have the Bubble insulated, which is long overdue.

SGR, can mean Simply Great Renovations for the future!